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Get non-medical companions to assist with daily activities in your home.

It’s hard to manage all the moving parts of the family lifecycle, whether parenting babies through adolescents, sending off adult children, or caring for your retired parents. The realization of being unable to be there all the time for every aging family member; changed the game for the founders of Best Life Caregivers.  

Chronically ill & aging family members need more than medicine and regular transportation to specialist appointments. They deserve respect, warmth, and companionship, just like everyone else.

As founders of Best Life Caregivers, we began thinking about how a family member could help a loved one without compromising their life and interests.

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What if you could ensure the highest quality of life for a loved one without compromising yours?

The thought of this keeps us going 24/7. 

We've created a team of mature, experienced, non-medical companions—who ensure your loved ones have everything they need—without you having to manage it alone. 

Providing long-term care is a full-time job without any breaks. Getting mom or dad out of bed, helping them get dressed, bathroom assistance, changing linens, assisting with daily chores, chauffeuring to social excursions, and ensuring no one feels lonely— it is a lot of work. An article by the National Council of Aging even mentions that caregiving at home, though a rewarding opportunity, can often be a thankless and challenging job. 

Caregivers should be trustworthy and credible.

caregiver helping man with arm brace

You don’t have to worry once you hire the Best Life Caregivers to be on your team. Our key focus is to recruit the finest and most experienced non-medical companions Connecticut has to offer. Our staff is strictly background-checked and one of the highest-paid caregivers in the tri-state area, ensuring they deliver excellence at every step. 

You may need a caregiver to come and help your loved one for a few hours or overnight. We can help you in both situations. 

Our caregivers engage your family member through thoughtful conversations, interesting indoor games, light-hearted visits to the park/cafe, and enjoyable strolls to the farmer’s market. When you know your loved one is at ease, you can have peace.

Want to improve the remaining years of your parent's life?

At Best Life Caregivers, we believe companionship can change someone's entire quality of life. The value of being seen and the respect of being heard by a human is priceless. 

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